Option for moving parts in 2015Pro Win8.1 64 Bit

Hello to the group,

Been on Pro for about a year now and wondering if I am missing a feature or plugin that would allow features similar to SketchyPhysics use to where you can install dynamic hinges and the like?

I use SU to design various moving and articulating jigs for my business and I miss terribly the features of SketchyPhysics in that it allowed me to see interference and watch a jig in motion?

Thanks for any input.

Check out MS Physics… I don’t know a ton about it (only runs on Windows and I have a Mac), but it seems to be the spiritual descendent of SP.

Thanks for the heads up. Been looking into that and will continue to. I dont see that it allows you anchor an object to a hinge or fixed rotation but it sure does look like the old SP.

There are many plugins that I really miss since the change. Flattery was one that allowed you to unfold complex shapes into flat templates. There is a flattening plugin now but it is random and you cant control the flattening sequence.

Trimble could sure improve on many of these features for those of us in the manufacturing world. Still a phenomenal tool.

Thanks again

You could install SU14 which does run Sketchy Physics to test your models.
You can have both SU14 and SU15 running side by side.
I often build a model in SU15 then save as SU14 and add the Physics stuff there.

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Thanks for that. That will likely be the direction I go.

Side question here, Im running a 64bit os (win8.1) I think sketchy physics is 32bit? Im not to savvy on this stuff but am I able to install a 32 bit version of SU14?

Yes, as SU 14 is only 32bit.
Don’t quote me on this but I think physics even runs on SU 15 32bit. But you can’t have both SU 15 ’ s installed at the same time.

Thanks Box,
I DL’d 14 but Im not going to pay for a second license (seems I would need to). I had the .exe for some older versions on another drive and have it running now.

I really appreciate all your help. I sure wish someone would work a new plugin for 15 even if it just allowed for hinging and some joints. It sure is handy. Ive already worked through a couple fixtures in just a short time. Major major labor saver.

Flattery is compatible with v15 if you get the updated version from the SketchUcation Plugin Store… [it is still free]

Are you looking for physics, or just an animation?