Dynamic Scissor lift

I am trying to make a connection very similar to a scissor lift. I need a component to rotate around a point but also lock other components and move / pivot based on the movement of the first piece.

Can you share some more details? Can MSPhysics be an alternative to the DC functionality in this case?

It looks like that could work but when I download it shows as not compatible with my version. (2019 Pro subscription). This video link shows quite a few but specifically 2:12 - 2:26 is what I am looking to do.

Thank you!

Anton is working on version 2 that should be compatible with SketchUp 2019 and 2020, bit you can try the plugin with SketchUp Make 2017 and see if it fits your needs…

I can’t get any download to work on any version. It does look like what I am looking for. any idea on a possible timeline for its release?

You need the “AMS Lib” too, see the installation instructions here:

Some weeks back the time estimation was “in a few month”…