MSPhysics and SketchUp 2022

I purchased SketchUp Pro 2022 with the hopes of using MSPhysics only to discover that MSPhysics doesn’t work with SketchUp Pro 2022. Caveat emptor. Can an Sketchup Pro 2022 licencee hold gain access to the last SketchUp version (2017, I think) in which MSPhysics did work?

If not, is there an extension that does work with SketchUp Pro 2022 with the same functionality as MSPhysics?

Thanks for any guidance.

Presumably you purchased a subscription for SketchUp Pro?

No, it doesn’t. The MSPhysics page at Sketchucation is pretty clear on that.

I don’t believe so. The subscription would allow you to access SketchUp 2021 through SketchUp 2023 but not older versions, especially ones that are no longer available from SketchUp directly. The author of MSPhysics has been working on an updated version but it isn’t ready for release yet. I expect it’s not a high priority for him since paying work has to take precedence.

If your use is not commercial, you can find a link via this forum to download v2017 Make and use that.

Not sure if there is still anywhere a download of 2017 Pro which would allow a 30 day trial, presumably ok for short term commercial use.

2017 Make is no longer available from the SketchUp website, and is no longer supported but generally still works on both Windows and Mac, but possibly with some glitches on latest versions of either OS…

Here is a version slightly edited. It works with SU 2023 as well. As some dll files don’t load properly some if the functionality might cause errors, but for most it works fine. As said by the author before. Just one thing, I edited a file in ams_lib slightly, so uninstall if you previously installed as it might cause a conflict. The ams_lib is packed within the rbz.
MSPhysics v1.1 Beta.rbz (11.7 MB)


Would you happen to know how to fix the sliders in the servo joint controller? Everything else I need to work seems to work except for them, the little window pops up but then its just blank with no slider… The servo is working, if I type a number in directly it moves to that position. But, no slider…