MS Physics for Sketchup 2020?

Hello everybody !
Is there a way to use MS Physics in Sketchup Pro 2020?
I have installed both AMS Library and MS Physics, but I get an error message when starting Sketchup 2020 that some DLLs cannot be found. :frowning:
Unfortunately I can no longer use Sketchup 2017 because I don’t have a valid license :frowning:

Or is there an alternative to MS Physics?

Kind regards from Germany, Bernhard

MsPhysics is not compatible with versions after 2018. Anton is working on a new version. No timeline on that.

Hi Box, thanks for the replay.
Okay , I will waiting :wink:

Would be great if Mphysics will come back. I used it quite often. Do you have any suggestions about any replacement for MP in therms of object collisions calculations?