PhysX Physical manipulation extension / functionality

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Just wondering, but a good for years ago (perhaps 2015-2016) there was development with physics in SketchUp, where for example, items could move or interact with each other. Is that something that died away due to complexity or do you think this might come back? I mainly ask because it would be nice to produce animations such as this:

I know section cuts can be used as a shortcut, but it would be really nice to see building components move around or be set in the ground.


After watching the video, I think this is almost exclusively an animation problem, not a physics problem. Nothing is moving with respect to each other. It starts with an excavation (removal of terrain) then proceeds to slowly add various elements, some of which obscure previous elements. But nothing removed or added is moving. Thus animation - not physics.

I’ve not, personally, done any animation more complex than is possible with Dynamic Components, but other’s on this forum have. They may well chime in, but you can also search the forum for “animation”.

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Thank you for your response, very much appreciated and apologies for the delay, I never received an email notification.

Very helpful to point me in the right direction though, I’m going to ensure email notifications are enabled if not already.

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The extension named MSPhysics by @Anton_S can do quite complex collision interactions, with spring forces, magnetism, hinges, all sorts of features. It has a fairly large learning curve, and it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years (which means it may not be compatible with SketchUp Pro 2020 or 2021). It is available on the Sketchucation web site, search over there.