No interaction between parts



Hi guys, I have finished my model and I tying to test it out with SketchyPhysics but the parts and peaces are not interacting, there actually like ghost peaces that go through one another, I have checked with solid inspector and they seam fine.

Is there any feature I’m not using or whats going on… any one else with the same issue???

I have attached some pictures on how it looks when I run simulation

Uploading… Uploading…



As this is an extension question more than a direct SketchUp issue, I am moving post to Extensions area


Shetchy physics doesn’t really recognise geometry, you have to tell it what it is.
You can right click on groups to select what they are and how they should behave.
In this gif I have set one box and sphere as what they are and the others reversed, so you can see the green ones both behave as spheres despite their actual shape and the others behave as boxes.


You can activate “Debug -> Readback collision geometry” in the SketchyPhysics right click menu to see the used shapes…