Moving the base group, some groups move and some dont


This should be really easy, even for a beginner such as myself.
I am drawing over the top of a JPG file that i imported.
I made the “scanned in plans a group”
I drew the lot, made it a group, drew the roads and easements and made it a group.

When I move the Scanned in Plans group the Lot group and the house group move perfectly along with the plans BUT the roads and easements stay put…
This happens to me a lot. Well when i say a lot, this is only the 3rd drawing and it does in each drawing somewhere or another. I need to find out what i am doing wrong…site plan from survey.skp (2.4 MB)


It works for me. Is it possible you aren’t selecting the roads group?


Ummmm. Yes. Not funny… I am used to clicking and moving…
Every time i post something here I learn something.
Thank you!
But when i just click the plan and move it the house does move.


Are all groups glued to the ‘Scanned in Plans’ group?
If the ‘roads’ group is not, it won’t move when moving the selected ‘plan’ group.


I’m sorry, i dont know how to tell if they are glued.
Thats probably part of my question that i dont know enough to ask.


Right click on a group and see if ‘Unglue’ is available in the context menu that appears.
Do not select ‘Unglue’ though. Just check each group.



Per g.h.hubers


Bingo Its not glued and the rest of them are. How do i apply the glue?


I don’t have your file available, sorry, tablet.
Maybe @DaveR can explain. Something like exploding and grouping again, I guess. It depends a bit on the size of covering what is underneath. Sometimes gluing won’t be available if the new group isn’t entirely over what it is supposed to be gluing to. I have no pc at the moment.


To be honest, I’ve never found it reliable to get a group glued in place on an image like that. It always seems a bit hit or miss and I just assume they aren’t glued and select as I did in the GIF.


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