Adjusting corresponding group size when moving the other group

Either this can be done natively and I am unaware of it, or perhaps an extension or dynamic component is the answer.

I am trying to move one grouped object and adjust the corresponding object at times. This occurs in my own component library when I re-use low poly items in houses with different measurements

An example below, the projector is moved around in position, the screen isn’t. The corresponding light beam is adjusting by selecting both the beamer and a small line I drew at the end of the light beam, which is ungrouped. If that makes sense. I would like to somehow have both grouped seperately but working together nonetheless.

Beamer Light Beam - 1719909025507

This isn’t possible in native SketchUp. ‘Snap Points’ were introduced in SketchUp 2024 but the “only” help as helpful extra snap locations between objects. Unfortunately they don’t glue objects together the way basic geometry endpoints stick.
That would be my feature request for the next release: make ‘Snap Points’ having an extra switch… [ Glue / Unglue ]
The only option you have now is working with (locked) objects that are glued to a face of another object. Moving that face would move a glued object with it.
Depending on the situation you are working with it could be your way out (your example altered this way).

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Thanks for the input. Snap Points with adjustments seem like a good suggestion. Have to dive in the snap points anyway, new to me.