Groups and components - tutorial 3

Bear with me here please. I am going through the tutorials and on #3 which deals with groups and components.
at 2:23, Jake says to align the columns with the edge of the shed. I know how to move the columns but how do I align them with the shed - what keys do I push on the keyboard? I can move the columns but then he just lines it up with the shed which I can’t figure ot how to do. I have tried - control key, shift key - what am I missing please?


This isn’t a matter of pressing the right keys - there is no magic that can guess your intentions. Rather, you start by mentally identifying the points on the two objects that you want to align. Activate the move tool, then click and release on the point on the object you want to move (watch for an inference snap). Then move the cursor until it is over the point on the second object (again watch for an inference snap). The moved object will follow the cursor. Click and release again, and the moved object will be aligned to the target point on the other object.

If the objects were rotated with respect to each other, you will want to use the rotate tool either before or after the move to straighten up the rotation.

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