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Hello. I am a SolidWorks designer and new to sketchup. What is easy in SoliWorks, seems to be difficult in Sketchup.
I made a beam witch chamfered coners. Grouped the item and made the legs, also angled, where the beam should go in between. The beam is 200mm long and because everyting is angled it should only fit in one place. When i drag it i can make it snap to one leg. But its not in the right position. When i drag it again from the other side that side snaps but the other side is no longer attached to the leg. In SolidWorks i use relations or mates to constrain a part. How do i do that in sketchup? Thanks.

i’m sorry but I can’t follow your description. Which “beam” are you referring to? What is it you are trying to move? One of the legs?

Perhaps you could upload the SketchUp file showing the problem?

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Looking at the image you posted, I can’t determine which beam you are referring to (top or bottom?) or exactly what is the problem. The beams look correctly placed. As DaveR suggested could you upload your skp file so we can take a look and also write more info about where it is amiss. SketchUp has powerful snapping features (called the “inference engine”) and it seems likely you just need to learn how to use them effectively.

All SketchUp has is “glue to” components. You set this property when you create the component.

P.S. - It is SketchUp (not sketchup.) It is trademarked name just like SolidWorks. :wink:

Hi. I uploaded the file. When you zoom in you can see the horizontal beam doen’st lign up with the legs on both sides.
Due to the specific lenght of the horizontal beam, the location should be a result of where it connects to the legs.
When i drag the left side and let it snap to the edge of the leg, i don’t have any control over where it should snap on the other side.

I hope this makes my question more clear.

Regards,Nachttafel 270x350x450.skp (249.1 KB)

OK. I see what you are having problems with. To fix it, first edit the style and set Profile to 1 so you can more easily see the gap. Then you can select the end face of the rail and move it over to the leg. If you grab the selection by the corner on the component’s red axis, you can snap the cursor to the point where the red axis crosses the leg.

If I were drawing this model from scratch, I would draw that rail in place between the legs so I wouldn’t have to do this.

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Hi DaveR.

When you snp it on the right, it will com loose from the left leg. The beam should have the dimension 200mm. When i drew it afterwards, i would have to know the hight where to draw it.
I was hoping SketchUp would have a feature to help me.


It doesn’t do that when I draw it.

When I drew it, I made it 200mm long.[quote=“Jwkooi, post:7, topic:44994”]
i would have to know the hight where to draw it.

Not with the method I show in my GIF. The height is determined by where the vertical guideline crosses the edge of the leg. No need to know how far above the bottom of the leg it is.[quote=“Jwkooi, post:7, topic:44994”]
I was hoping SketchUp would have a feature to help me.

I don’t know why you think it doesn’t.

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