Moving plugins to a new laptop

I bought a new laptop and finally got my Sketchup subscription to work on my new laptop. Now, how do I get my Fredo6 plugins (That I paid for) to migrate to my new computer?

Best option is to go to Sketchucation and download the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool. Install that with Install Extension in Extension Manager. Then use the SCF ExtensionStore to install fresh, up to date copies of LibFredo6 and any of his extensions. If you used the ExtensionStore tool to install the extensions previously you can just install your bundle with the ExtensionStore tool. After that, any of Fredo’s extensions that need to be licensed can be taken care of by clicking on the extension and then License and Obtain License.

I go to “Resources” I find “Plug in store download”, is that it?

Yes. That’s it.

I keep my components, plug ins, materials ect in a folder with sub folders for plug ins or components …
I put mine in the sketchup directory structure for example C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\SketchUp then all the sub directories are after that. I can back up these directories in case of a crash or in the event of a software upgrade copy them to the directory of the new version and they will read when you open sketchup. You may have to set the directory in the window/preferences/files pull down. Saves me reloading all my extensions and components. Your plug ins are probably still where ever they were in the previous version of sketchup.