Moving an element from one project to another project

So is there away to take part of something from one project and sorta “Cut and paste it” to another project??? What I mean is like, can I select a chair I created in a larger project I finished and post it to another project I am just started?

Sure. Select the chair in the first project, hit Edit>Copy or the appropriate keyboard shortcut. Then go to the other project and hit Edit>Paste or, if you want it in the same location relative to the model origin, hit Edit>Paste in place.

I used keyboard shortcuts for this. I made a shortcut for Paste in place because I use it so much.

Okay, so my question then is, how do I have two projects open at the same time to move the chair from one to the other?

What operating system are you using?

You can just open two sessions of SketchUp on Windows. After you’ve got the first one open, double click on the desktop icon and open another.

Or on Mac, after you’ve opened one session, click on File>New and open a second one.

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by the way…you profile says “not sure”. This indicates to most of the members that you’re not sure you really want any help. Helping people here takes an enormous amount of time and effort. They make it look easy. It isn’t. Help them help you.

On windows 10 place your cursor in the lower left hand corner and right click on the mouse. go up to system and left click it. press the windows key+printscreen key and take an image of the screen…save that in a screen print folder in your pictures folder. Then you can post it here or you can simply copy your system information manually to a notepad file so you can copy and paste it to your profile. There is other ways to copy the info but…it’s rather complicated. I do not know why windows doesn’t allow users to just copy and paste directly from the system page.


I am using Windows 10, 64-bit. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

Hi Mics. I guess I should apologize, I am not a huge tech-head when it comes to computers and am a bit daft when it comes to some computer terminology. I am using windows 10 and now that I know that I will update my profile. So its not about not wanting to help.

Thanks so much for the help and responce. I really do appreciate it.

No offense taken and none intended. You’ll need more help and you’ll always get it here. We both will.

The windows copy and paste between instances of SU shortcuts I use (as Dave pointed out.)…

after both models are open in separate Instances are: select the geometry you wish to copy then ctrl+C (copy) then Alt+tab (change focus to destination instance) then ctrl+V (paste)

If you have more than one application running in windows the Alt+tab will probably require you to scroll through all the various windows till you get to the window you want so…best to close any windows other than the SU windows for expedience while modeling.

As far as the comment about not wanting help it was really just a play on words. …something I like to do…and just an attempt to sound intellectual and sophisticated.

Thanks again. I worked on it last night and all seemed fine. I was able to cut and past what I needed. So thanks so much for the advice.

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