Moving 2019 License(Serial # and Activation Code) to 2020

Bought 2019 6 mos ago. Got notice of new 2020. Down loaded and opened. Tried to Add License but got notice the info was not valid for 2020. Thought that at end or 2020 30-day trial all would be resolved. Nope. Still get invalid notice for Add License . Have not received any 2020 info from Trimble. At standstill. How should I proceed to activate 2020? Many thanks!

Update: Have discovered that since I purchased as a non-profit organization, my transaction went through Creation Engine site. Hhave emailed them my question. Thank you.

I don’t know if it works differently for subscription. I thought subscription you were able to just sign in.

For classic license I just went to

Then there was an option with 2020’s release to update and it changed serial number from UA to VA and not much else changed, but I think you had to go and activate it on that license page first.

No, ‘non-profit’ is a different product, everyone’s license info is there.( on that page)

The reseller for my non-profit subscription is Creation Engine (
They did assign me a new 2019 license starting with VA. The problem is that when I try to add that new # it asks for an Activation Code. The one I received with my original UA-license number does not work with the VA license. Catch 22. So far Creation Engine has not answered my email - understandably so.
However, somehow I did something that has given me another 30-day trial of 2020. So, I am no longer at a standstill, but still worried about the next trial expiration. Thank you for feedback!

Starting with ‘V’ means it is a 2020 license, each version has its own, 2019 started with ‘U’

Thanks, that’s kind of what I figured. Now I need an activation code. . . Hope to get one from the reseller.

Check for a message from me.

Colin, You helped me a couple of days ago. Need a bit more help with another topic, if that is OK.
Been trying to ask this as a general question on the forum, but not having an luck getting it going.
Two questions, really.

  1. is there a help page for this community forum - commands, actions, etc.
  2. I am working through Brightman’s 2ed of TSWFA and have notice in his graphics for STYLES, there seem to be 2 distinct tick box displays for EDIT / EDGES : one has a tick box for jitter. The other has a tick box for halo.
    What controls which set of tick boxes gets displayed? What is jitter? What is halo?
    Woops! 4 questions.
    Please pardon if this direct uninvited query is a faux pas. :upside_down_face:

You posted this in a regular topic, when maybe you thought you were sending a message to me.

Some of what you asked I don’t know, and other bits I would be guessing. You could take what you wrote and start a new topic, I’m sure you will get some answers.

Thanks you. Will do.