Movement of a random object

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Software used - Sketchup pro 2020.
3D Map of a block is downloaded from cadmapper and imported in SU-2020.
An object (car) is placed randomly using the third party extension, Random entity generator. I would like to make the car move along the path shown by the red arrow. Upon this I will be importing this to the Wireless Insite software. Can you please guide me how this can be done using Sketchup software ?

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Soooo… you are looking for advice on an animation extension?

Yes please

You want to then import that animated 3D model into this other software to examine the models interaction with radio waves?

There is not any version of SketchUp or any file type that SketchUp can output that records 3D animation information. There are various native ways and extensions that can help you output an animation of a car driving down the street, but these would be 2D animation files, essentially movies, nothing that can be imported into a different 3D environment and retain moving geometry over a timeline.

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Thank you for the response. So for now I’ll import this to Wireless Insite, and any idea how to make it move in Wireless Insite ?