Can I have a model animated AND walk around it at same time?


The subject asks it all. I am considering using Sketch Up after being frustrated by other products. My models will be basic, not very fancy, but will be (for example) a boom lifting a boat frame into position in a shipyard. I would also like the camera to be traveling around the animated object while it is working. Is this possible/feasible in Sketch Up? If not would it be possible in Pro?



Yes, you can use the “OnClick>Animate” function and simultaniously change the scene (thus different camera position). Although the movement might be not fluently. SketchUp has to calculate both the animation and the new view.


There also are some extensions which add or modify the extant animation capabilities and characteristics of SketchUp. Those of which I am aware include
Keyframe Animation:
SU Animate 4.2:
Proper Animation:

There are others available. If you perform a search for “SketchUp animation plugins” you will discover more than you will be likely to use. The ones identified here are not necessarily the best, but they seem to perform adequately.