3D model Rotations?

Is there a software by chance that creates rotation videos of 3D object files? Basically a presentation?

You can do it with SketchUp

Easier said than done :slight_smile:
Would be nice to have some automations for this, in my opinion. Like a true, clean isometric view rotation, where it appears the camera remains stationary while the object rotates. Because doing this manually is near impossible to achieve using native tools, and would be very useful indeed.

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Really? This was just a quickie example. About 3 minutes to make. I could have made it smoother but was just making an example. it was done with nothing but native tools.

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You can also use Animator, with a Camera Around sequence.


Yes I found it quite challenging. What is your method?

For that quick example I drew a circle centered on the bench at the desired eye height. then I used the Position Camera tool to place cameras at vertices around the circle so each camera is looking at the same point on the model. I created a scene after each camera placement.

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Easier, thanks to @jimhami42 - Camera: 360° rotation - #8 by jimhami42

or Camera Circle (via DaveR)

and @Box


If you set the axis of the object in the center, you could also use a Dynamic function:

KratStoel.skp (544,5 KB)


This I’m not familiar with. I would need to figure out how this works.

Position Camera. Click to set camera location, hold mouse button and drag to the center of the view.

Doesn’t have to be a circle. You could use a Bezier curve as a guide for camera placements


Very useful indeed. Thanks.

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OT I need something like that little table, Dave! Cool. (All i have is assorted clamps.)

You need a workbench? The plans for that one are available.

You can never have too many clamps.


Where do you go for plans, “FineWoodworking”?
This one could slide under my toolbench, as I have little room for things in the garage (it has a car in it, if you can believe it.)

Yes. Or more specifically.


As designed it’s 31 in. tall but you could modify it to suit.

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No extensions, just scenes.


That I can do because it’s a single object, uses standard views, and and no environment to throw off zoom extents :slight_smile: that I would have no issue doing before vs a slightly more complex iso rotation, etc.

And still, a tool to automate this type of thing for presentations would be awesome.

Use Zoom Selection instead?

Like Fredo6’s Animator and its Camera Around feature?

Yes probably. Which is what the original request was asking for. This isn’t my request by the way, I only agreed having some automation would be helpful especially native, and only when someone linked to how to use scenes and animations, as if that was the one solution (obviously not that simple).