Make a 360 degree animation from specific angle

Hi SketchUp community,

Believe me, I’ve been struggling with this for the past few hours before posting this question here.
And yes, I have tried to look it up online, however, asking this like a typical noob seems like my last resort.
I want to make a 360 degree animation of my object, from a certain angle.
The only tutorials I find are using the standard views and making them in to scenes. (Red circle in image)
I need the view to be in a higher perspective though.
In case I’m not clear enough, I added a picture of what I mean.
So the view angle and distance need to be the same in all views/scenes, which you can’t when orbiting.


Maybe Camera Circle would help you out?


The manual method is to set your camera on a path and create the relevant scenes.
The position camera tool allows you to click and drag to position and point the camera.
So you can create a ring around your model at the height you want, then pick points and aim from that ring and create the scenes.
Edit: A quick gif showing how the camera can be aimed.


This is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for your help.

And Box, thank you for your reply as well.