3D model Rotations?

Nobody indicated that it is the only solution. Just that it is a solution that doesn’t require any extensions. You’re the one who wrote:

I just showed that it isn’t “near impossible” with native tools at all.

Word of advice: Never say you can’t do something with native tools… because @box or @daver probably can :wink:


Any 3rd party software that can embellish an object a bit? Better lighting effects, texture, material? Maybe even a website that will process it?

Lots of rendering options out there. Many folks like Vray.

Look around-- there are a lot of methods and options. WHICH RENDERING SOFTWARE FOR SKETCHUP? Intro to Rendering Programs - YouTube
There are also sites you can load the model to (been so long since I checked, I forget what they are).

Oh I know this. That’s why I wrote that, because I knew they would provide the solution. :wink:


Alias UpFront included just such an automation tool with the sole purpose of generating what it called a “Turntable Movie.” Fredo’s Camera Around looks like it does just that and more with paths other than just a circle.

Here’s a turntable movie from UpFront:

(Mind you, this was done in 1997 - 2~3 years before the first version of SketchUp was created?)

The problem with SketchUp’s native tools which hasn’t been mentioned yet is the flying transitions between scenes and bounce that happens at each if the camera isn’t level. You can avoid the problem with a dead level camera:

If you want to look up or down with the camera, you have the bounce problem:

Not too terrible in this example, but you can see it. You can fight it by making lots and lots more inbetween scenes, but that’s just a lot of work, and you never really totally get rid of it. If there were a check box to change how scene transitions were generated in SU, it wouldn’t be hard with native tools to do a good job of these.

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Exactly. And it’s nearly impossible to get a smooth rotation in iso as a result. I’ve not seen a perfectly smooth version done before and it would be nice to be able to do for presentations (without the bouncing obviously). Native tools get close but not quite without considerable effort and even then …

You showed a rotation, and it’s nice for sure, but it isn’t a clean one where it appears to rotate only one one axis. It’s close, for the most part, but not exactly what I think the original request is for, nor what I described. I’ve tried your method and it takes a long time and the result still seems to have a little bounce, just like yours.

I get the impression you’ll never be satisfied with a native solution so I won’t bother with it anymore. Other options have been presented and you can use those.

Once again, I’m trying to help someone who made the request. I am not searching for a solution. I would love a native solution, but it doesn’t technically exist. Thanks. And why would anyone be satisfied with a solution that isn’t quite there? We shouldn’t just settle :wink:

Good enough. I’m out.

You are helpful. I agreed your help was very useful and I learned about camera placement. But I find myself back where I started in many ways, and that’s okay. There is still room for the software to improve and evolve, and I believe this illustrates that very well. Thanks for always being there to help. Cheers.

You changed your response so that this one seems like it came out of nowhere, but it is replying to your comment to me that I don’t think you’re helpful. I do.

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@DaveR 's post helped be remember how to use the position camera tool and produce the native tool animation examples. The bounce is an unfortunate consequence to some use cases. @Fredo6 's plugin seems ideally suited to the task in question. I don’t have the knowledge to speak to any renderers (Twin Motion, V-Ray, Enscape, etc.) if a rendered look is required. Maybe someone else can.

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With Animator, you can render in VRay and Thea (and a few others) if needed.

Also, Camera Around is for rotating the camera around the model. If you wish instead to rotate an object (or several) and keep the camera fixed, then you can use the Spin movement.


Great! I’ve been using SU Podium for a while and just this past week picked up V-Ray.

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Word of advice: Never say you can’t do something with native tools… because @box or @daver probably can :wink:

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Oh I know this. That’s why I wrote that, because I knew they would provide the solution.


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This one perfectly fits: “Here, hold my beer” moment.

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