View from a Moving Vehicle

Good morning all! I have a strange request: does anyone know how to animate within SU from the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle? I train school bus drivers, and SU has been a godsend for many thinks. I couple it with Keynote on my Mac to do general overall videos, and would like to show the view of a test site from the seat the candidate will be in for their test. Ideally, the view would go to the right and left to check mirrors and traffic.

Aaron tells me that there may be some external animators that might be able to do this, but I don’t know where to look. With COVID, budgets are very tight.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

What version of SketchUp are you using. That info will be helpful in giving you proper guidance. Please complete your forum profile.

It might be that Animator from Fredo6 and available from Sketchucation would do the trick. As for the static inside the vehicle part of it, maybe an image used as a watermark mask would cover that well enough.

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SketchUp Pro 2020.2. I shall look into both suggestions. Thanks.