Can you simulate a vehicle ride in Sketchup animation?

I’ve re-phrased this from a couple of days back, as I didn’t get much of a response. What I mean here is can you attach something to the ‘camera’ in an animation sequence to enhance the sensation of travelling?

Previously I used the example of a parachutist’s legs. But perhaps the cockpit of a plane, or car windscreen, would be more appropriate?

What’s wrong with @john_drivenupthewall’s watermark solution here?

And what makes you think asking the same question again would bring more answers?


Mainly because the solution offered appeared to involve the animation of the ground against a static figure. This was fed back yesterday, along with the comment that such an approach would be untenable with a model as large and complex mine. Secondly, there was no explanation as to what a template is (in the context of Sketchup).

Addendum: for ‘template’ read ‘watermark’!

It sounds to me as if you need to spend more time learning the basics of SketchUp before you worry about creating animations and doing other advanced work.

See the link in the other topic. (We should continue the discussion there…)

No. I’ve been using it on and off for over 5 years! Only recently have I been encountering problems, this mainly due to my having decided to build a virtual art gallery to support a pitch for a novel I am illustrating. If you look into it, you will see that most, if not all, of these issues relate to animations!

mainly due to my having decided to build a virtual art gallery ~ you will see that most, if not all, of these issues relate to animations!

Just a quick tid-bit and this may be a stretch … maybe you should be using or try using a animation program. Sketch Up is designed to model and generate 2D and 3D models and plans that 99.9% are STATIC.
Its limited animation abilities are based on your expectations. It was introduced for architectural / landscape design. To help extenuate your work or to allow you to flow from one view to the next was its purpose ; not animations or an alternative for gaming or cartoon animations. You have a free version of a 2D/3D geometrical form creating software… and it wont animate things the way you want. Try Autodesk’s simulation software or Maya. Adobe also has what you should be using…a bit pricey though.

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Yes, I can how such an impression might be created!! The fact is, much as I genuinely appreciate having free access to this massively useful tool, I am not trying to turn it into 3D Studio Max! Up until recently I was using the software just to model and compose scenes; saved the faff of drawing out perspective, foreshortening and so forth. I’d print these ‘blocks’ out, dig out the pencils and brushes, happy days. Then I twigged the idea of putting this stuff on the internet, noticed Sketchup ‘did’ animation and I was in lurve!

Fast forward to this week and I have finished 95%+ of what I need to do with Sketchup. The objective was to build a ‘venue’ to house the key characters in my story, and this has now been done. Each room contains an acrylic portrait (a cartoon) of the key players, plus some hand-drawn extracts from the original strip. The only animation needed falls into three categories: a. to enable any prospective third party to ‘fly’ through the building visiting each room in turn (hence the ‘parachute legs’ and Flightpath s.mustard extension, which I still cannot access due to unfathomable issues with ‘zip files’?) b. For the doors to those rooms to open realisticaly (que the 'regular polygon plugin, nice but it conflicts with the existing scenes and causes ‘bug-splats’!) c. To export the whole lot into Windows Moviemaker, which I can’t do because my all singing & dancing Windows 8.1 PC can’t process the download. Oh! And I’m still waiting for somebody to tell me where this elusive AVI thing is in video export.

Hope I’ve made things clear. I appreciate the help folk have given me so far, but I’m not really a computer lover and have no desire to sit in front of one of these things for 5 minutes more than is necessary. All the above are legitimate add-ons to Sketchup in any case.

If you have scenes assigned from FILE>scroll down to Exports> if you have scenes assigned, Animation will be highlighted and not grayed out. Click on it and two options show (1) video or (2) Image Set.// select video and click the Export type: AVI is the first one on the list.

All the help offered here is just that …Offered. If you have 5 years invested in hands-on-use; I consider myself lucky because I have a long way to go and still struggle with one year of applied learning. Following this post helped me to see just how much progress I have achieved, compared to others. Hope it works out… and if you smell smoke it is just the bridges behind you.

Thanks, it now works! Rushing as I always am, I failed to register the ‘avi’ tucked behind ‘Uncompressed’. Whatever the reasons for my own ‘selective myopia’ - and accepting this as a nit-pick - I would have advised folk to look for the latter, but what do I know!

BTW: ‘5 years’ of use probably only translates to 6 months of (total) sufferance at the keyboard. Unlike many who contribute to this forum, I don’t do this stuff for a living (bet that comes as a jaw-dropper to some of you!). Mercifully, I work in a profession that cannot be overtaken (and squished) by the lumbering panzer of ‘artificial intelligence’. Lordy, if I had to cope with this level of tedium ‘24/7’ I’d be wearing the screen as a necklace and the CPU would be blowing bubbles at the bottom of the canal!

Thanks once again.

Now will anybody bail me out with this Keyframe thing.