Adding a 'feature' to the viewpoint in an animation

Yes, don’t really know quite how to phrase this one! Anyway, here goes: I’m trying to simulate parachute jump. I can depict the view from the falling camera quite easily, but I’d like to ‘pimp it up’ by adding in the guy’s legs! I don’t know what this is called in computer-speak, but it’s the same, conceptually, as looking through the window of a travelling car?

My guess is this can’t be done in Sketchup, but are there any extensions that would facilitate it?

if you had 3 or 4 watermarks they could wobble as well…

How did you do this, though? It looks as if you are bringing the roundels up to the (stationary) legs? If so, this wouldn’t work for me as the character is jumping into a detailed and contoured landscape.

Could you let me know how you did this please.

Isn’t it all relative? How would it looks like the other way around?

I did? I used a Watermark, but you can have a different one for each scene if you want your legs dancing as well…

Not at all. Using that approach you would have to animate the entire model (possibly an enormous one) around a single static figure!

Ok, so you are moving the ‘legs’ and not bringing the ‘ground’ up to them, am I correct? What’s a watermark?

(First link from google search for “sketchup help watermark”)