Need help to undersand possibilities and limitation of this software

Hi, first post here and a big question.

I like the ease and simplicity of using SketchUp and I’ve found it logical to understand in my flurry of activity to get a 3D demo model up and running of a new premises our business is moving into, but… I’m about to run out of my trial and I need to be sure before I sign up and pay, that SketchUp can hopefully deliver the goods also on some extra/future requirements we need to follow up. So… I need some help and advice from the SketchUp community.

Ok, broad brush strokes here. I need to create an online ‘build your own car’ interface for visitors to our website.
This section would allow a visitor to pick and choose certain components and colour schemes and add them to the vehicle in real time (just like a number of large car companies do and interestingly, some do it way better than others). This is not unlike picking your load-out or avatar extras in a video game.

Can/does SketchUp allow the ability for the use of a digital camera to shoot multiple angles around say an object, and then import that object/those pictures into SketchUp, and turn them into a 3D object, something I think Fusion 360 offered in the past when I had a look at that software?

Then with these separate/individual 3D objects or now components, I would like to be able to place them into a larger 3D model that could be exported and called up via a web developers interface, to allow a visitor to choose the different imported/exported components to see how they look when added to the vehicle they are viewing.

I’m toying whether to head down the Blender path, but as I’ve got SketchUp running, I just wondered if this might be achievable inside this software as well using externally shot digital stills to create the objects in 3D in this program.

So… any thoughts and feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest you look at SimLab Composer and Shapespark. Both of these products allow you to present your SketchUp model on a website with the ability for viewers to change materials end show/hide objects (think of them as different options).

The thing to remember is that SketchUp is a 3D modeler… it is a tool for creating the content. If you want to create content in a way other than using the tools (as I think you were referencing photogrammetry) them you need the help of another tool. Once your model is created, the. You can use that with other software to display the model (like those mentioned by @ntxdave).