How to make an object move and record it's movement?

Suppose I have a car entity sitting on the street and then I want the car to move down the street like it’s being driven. How would you do that? Also, how would I “record” this car going down the street - in other words, suppose I wanted to make a video clip of the car going down the street?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

There are multiple tools that have the capability to do what you are asking (at least as I understand your question).

I have been able to do that with the trial versions of both LumenRT and Lumion. From what I have seen, I think Twinmotion can also do that. However, they are all pretty expensive. There are also plugins like SimLab Composer (about $500) that will also allow you to do that (I tried the trial version of it also). All of these tools provide a “path” capability.

Another alternative is to use animation plug-ins like Keyframe Animation, Proper Animation, SU Animate, and others but take a little work. While these tools do not provide a “path” capability, you can track an object with some work. I am aware of another tool under development (can not mention it yet) that I think will also have a path capability.

I worked with the trial version Keyframe Animation and I think I achieved what you are wanting (without a path tool). Check out these two videos:

Hope this gives you some insight into what you are wanting to do…

Hi - yeah that’s exactly what I had in mind. Thanks so much for the links. I guess, unfortunately, SU doesn’t have motion recording, which is too bad.

Do any of the example of plugins you mention work with SU?


All of them do. The videos I shared were created in SU with the trial version of Keyframe Animation. They have told me there will be an updated version in a month or two. The current version costs $39.

Here is a link to their web site: Overview - Keyframe Animation - Regular Polygon Scroll down and check out some of their demos.

Great thanks again and I’ll check out that link.