Moved reverance points of lables and moved dimensions after update su-model


I have a serious problem what I encounter everytime I update the su-model in layout.
If I change something in the Sketchup model, in Layout there are always some lables and dimensions which have been moved.
What is the problem and how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

The usual reason is that something has been altered in the SU scene.

Once you have set up a scene in SU, it is best not to alter the camera position again.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I haven’t changed the camera settings.
I never alter a section cut or floorplan. I only work from the 3D-model itself.
This is how I normally work:
Modify a wall, or whatever, then I go to the desired floorplan or section cut. There I use Skalp to update the hatch patterns. Save file.
Then I go to Layout and update.
I remember that every time I update the Skalp hatches, it also save a style. Could that be a cause?

This is an excellent illustration of why you should create scenes in SketchUp and not alter the camera position in LayOut.

If you change the camera position for the scenes in SketchUp you can get the same result. Or if you aren’t saving camera locations with scenes, this could create the same problem. If the object the label is anchored to gets moved in SketchUp you would also see the same sort of thing.

It’s not related to the style but if Skalp is adding styles, purging unsed styles wouldn’t hurt.


thank you for your reply.
What I actually ment before is that I never use the camera position to get floorplans and section cuts.
I always use scenes to do so.
I even don´t know how to use the camera for this :grimacing:
So that can´t be it.

Normally when you create a scene, one of the properties that is saved is the Camera Location. It’s the first thing in the list of Properties to Save.

So you should be using the Camera position when you are creating your scenes. If you modify the camera position in LayOut (typically by double clicking on the viewport and orbiting or panning the camera) and later, after adding labels and dimensions, reset the camera, or change the camera location for a scene in SketchUp and update the reference, the attachments for labels and dimensions will move with respect to the viewport edges and you’ll see the sort of thing you’re getting. The same would apply if you move the object within the model space.

Actually, if you aren’t understanding the relationship of the camera to the scene, that can be it entirely.

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got. I’m sure it’ll be easier to clarify this for you with the file at hand.

Here’s an example I set up intentionally to cause the label leaders to appear screwed up.

I edited the camera position for the viewport at the top right and added labels to it. The one at the bottom is just a copy of the one at the top right.

Then I selected the bottom one and reset the camera.

After making the viewport larger it is clear that the leaders are still attached to the objects they were attached to before resetting the camera position.

The same thing would happen if the camera for the scene is moved in SketchUp or if the Camera location gets changed but that property isn’t being saved for the scene or if the objects get moved in the model space.

:thinking: mmm, thank you, that is something I have to simulate too.
It looks exactly like my problem.
I couldn’t send the layout file you asked for because I had to finish it for a customer today.
In the weekend I’ll try what you just showed and see if this could be the problem.
The weird thing is that I didn’t change anything with the camera settings or position.
Just changed the length and thickness of walls.
The same disturbance happens with dimensions. I change a wall and after updating some dimensions are located on the other side of de drawing in Layout.

If you change the position of the parts of the walls that have the dimensions attached to them, you could end up with similar results.