Move Section Plane To An Exact Point

Is there a way to move the section plane to infrence of a line or something.
I want to move the section plane to the midle of the object then use the Slice Model at Seliction command?

hello, in addition to what box said, I advise to temporarly disactivate section cut.
It is true that finding inferences for section planes can be tricky since it’s going to lively cut your model. Disactivating it will make things easier.

Of course, remember to pick a point “on section” with the move tool as a reference then hold the shift key while moving to get your inference.

taping the distance between desired point and section plane to know how far you’ll move it also works

Perfect, thank you :+1:

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It is a simple matter to create the section plane at an inference point (rather than creating it at some arbitrary point and then moving it).