Inference snapping not working with Section plane?

I’ve started to use Section planes for the first time recently. Mostly it works, but I’m having trouble getting the section plane positioned at exactly the right height. I can’t seem to find a way to select the plane itself, then move it on blue to line up level with an edge, endpoint, guidepoint or other exsiting geometry.

Where to I click on the section plane to start a Move based on its current level?

And why won’t it ‘snap’ to an inference point or even highlight one?

Is it just because it’s a large model, and has been open too long?

It usually works when I restart SU and reopen the model. But after a while working on it, the Section plane won’t ‘snap’ any more.

Can’t get a screen shot of it at the moment, because I’ve only just reopened the model that had the problem.

One simple method is to draw an edge ‘On Section Plane’. Then select both and use one of the edge’s endpoints to drag the selection to target height (or whereever the plane needs to go. Since edge and section plane are coplanar you’ll be good.

Thanks. Will try that. I find a number of the Section planes, from which I was generating a Section-cut face (with plugin of that name) are fractionally off height register. Will have to go back and redo several.

First try - I draw a line as you suggest, ‘on section’ but it disappears as soon as I draw it, as if slightly below the plane.

It used to be visible in earlier SU versions (somewhere aroung V5. But the edge, although invisible, will be on plane. Turn off ‘Display Section Cuts’ and if necessary, switch to X-Ray mode to find your target.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

I used SU as far back as v7, but had never used Section Planes until a couple of weeks ago, and don’t remember having the problem until yesterday. But it was repeating today, in spite of having reopened SU and the model.

The tape measure shows approximately ~10’ for the distance between planes, which should in most cases be exactly 10’. When I check with Decimal Units and 4 digit precision, I see it reports 119.9961", so it isn’t far off!

But I’d like it to report an exact 10’.

It will, … depending on what you do/did.

draw a temp face >> PushPull 10’ >> add section plane to top, rinse and repeat…


In addition to @Wo3Dan and @john_drivenupthewall ,I caught a section plane inside a component, made it Dynamic with an adjustable height:

If you explode the component, you will release the section plane. You will need to make it active , though…

sectionheight.skp (41.5 KB)

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Thanks, Mike.

Will it work in Imperial dimensions? I’m working with a US collaborator on a project in ft and inches (and fractions, sometimes, but not for Section cut heights, thank goodness).

Haven’t tested, but it should! Use at own risk :smile:

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