How to precisely position a section plane in a simple solid


I’m a newbie to SU. I want to cut a solid in a chosen plane using section plane and Eneroth Slicer. I have not been able to find a way to get section plane to inference the plane I want to cut. Please help. Thanks. Fred


Share the SKP file with us so we can see what you are trying to accomplish and what you are starting with. Most likely you can use guidelines or other geometry as references for placing the section plane.


In general, you can draw on a section plane, so:

  • disable visibility of the “section cut”
  • draw an edge on the section plane
  • select both the section plane and the edge
  • move both, using the drawn edge as your reference, towards the target position.

Thanks for responding DaveR. I am working with a 1" X 8" X 36" board that is mitered on both ends. I want to position a section plane 18" from one end. I don’t know how to make an SKP file but would appreciate learning. Thanks. Fred


Click on File>Save.

What will the section cut do for you?


slice and union will let me resize boards with complex end geometries.


Do you just want to change the length of the board? Slice and Union seems like a lot of work for that.

Select and Move would be easier.


That looks great! Don’t have time just now (dinner) but will try it later. Thanks,


Thank you DaveR. That works great! Learned something new; pick a piece of geometry and stretch the rest; terrific. Fred

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Or just draw an edge across it and pushpull to remove it.


This method also work for more complex details such as tenons on the ends of aprons or legs with mortises. Just make sure you select everything that needs to Move before you start the move operation.