Move is distorting geometry - no undo possible afterwards

Hi there,
Since I’ve installed the last version of sketchup Pro 2020 on windows, I experience many problems with the move tool.
It happens when I move a bunch of vertices and faces from one point to another endpoint. Once i validate the destination point, the meshes are sent away and distort completly the geometry… No undo action is possible afterward.
This bug was frequent in previous versions when autosave happend in the same moment we’re selecting the destination point of a moved geometry.
Do you have any solution?

What is the scale of things (e.g. the distance you move), is it not big as kilometers?
Do you have any extensions (that observe entity changes and interfere)?

Hi Aerilius,
No big distances: around 15m (distances are set in mm)
I even feel that a ‘push’ distorted the geometry aswell
I do have loads of extensions, none of it was launched. I have no idea which one is active while using regular commands such as move or scale (what plugin could observe the changes?)