Move from circle to square. Will formulate a chair leg


I have tried Follow, but don´t get it right.
Will formulate a chair leg. From the round circle ø20, up to the square 35x35.Lenght 230mm
Any idea?

Many thanks!



This plugin does that quite nice:


Thanks, -but I didn´t get it to work…
I installed it, pointed, and then nothing happened…
Any other idea?




Well, now I got it right…


The general idea doing this with SketchUp’s native tools is to get equal endpoints above (square) and below (circle)

In menu Window > Styles > Edit > Edge Settings (first icon) > set endpoints to (say) 6. See screenshot.

Taken that you have the default number of segments for the circle (24), right click on each side of the square and select ‘Divide’ in the context menu. Then divide into 6 segments per side.
Then right click on the circle and select ‘Explode’.
Now with the ‘Line’ tool connect corresponding endpoints to triangulate the transition.
With the ‘Eraser’ tool, while holding down [Shift] you can smooth/soften the drawn edges.


Two methods using only native SketchUp tools:


Many thanks for Your suggestions…
Next problem, -it says it´s not solid…I have made it as group, but I am missing something.
I would like to make holes for screws, but I don´t come any further…

Many thanks for help, and yes, I am a beginner… :wink:



“Window > Extension Warehouse > Solid Inspector²” (req. runtime lib. “TT_Lib²”)


How do I close the ends, correct?


If you used Curviloft to create the transition from top to bottom, the sides of the leg are in a group but the top and bottom are outside that group. Explode the group, select all and make it a group or component.


Hello again Dave!
I explode the group and made a group again, and now it works!

I have one more thing I had problem with, first, I want the leg 10˙degrees red axis, and then 15˙degrees blue axis.
The problem is to “catch” the model, so I can change the angel.




You might find it useful to turn on hidden geometry so you can see a point to grab with the Rotate tool.


Hi Dave,
After I have change the angel I want to “cut off” the leg so it will follow the floor, by using solid tool this happens…

Any idea?


This is how the result should be.


draw a rectangle as a section plane at the cut-off position and do a “r-click > Intersect Faces…”.


Take a look at these links.


Thank You all, I have tried, looked on the videos, but don´t get it right, not yet. I need to put down the tools and start again tomorrow…with fresh eyes :wink:


How do I close the leg so it will be a solid? If I use the pen, then I get lines…
Some fixed is made, but this is the last…


Can you upload the SKP file? It would be easier to show the fix with it available.


Ben01.skp (1.6 MB)