Move and push/pull stopped working

Highly experienced SU user here (about 10 years), with a very annoying bug since last week. Tools such as move and push-pull stop working after 5-10 minutes. Push-pull appears to work, but then “lets go” before extrusion is complete. Move tool seems to snap but then object refuses to move at all.

Perhaps this is related to GPU? I tried to update graphics driver, nothing changed. I hope I don’t need to uninstall as I have a million plugins installed, including some with limited numbers of installs per license (e.g. Artisan).

“fast feedback” feature somehow seems to make it worse.
No new plugins installed since this started happening.

Any idea what could be the problem or what could fix it?

Lenovo Thinkpad with Quadro p5000
i7-7820HQ @ 2.9Ghz

Well, we have had Quadro p5000 issues reported on another thread. I’d start there.

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