Crashes when using Push/Pull, Move, offset, scale, and rotate button


I am a teacher at a high school and we have used the free version of SketchUp for a long time it works well in the pass on all the student laptops however, we have all the laptops re-image to windows 7 and now since we have put the new SketchUp Make 2014 on them it will give a error( Bug Splat) every time we try to use a edit button like Push/Pull, Move, offset, scale, and rotate. Anybody have any clue how to fix it.


Have you submitted these BugSlats? If you did you enter any details, some keywords, your name or email into the BugSplat report? If you did, can you let us know some of it so we can look it up in the database? If not, can you submit a new report?

Also, have you got extensions installed? If so, have you tried disabling them?


Test your graphic driver support for OpenGL from inside SU by going to Window > Preferences > OpenGL. Disable hardware acceleration, restart SU and check if the same problems are occurring. If disabling hardware acceleration helps, try updating the graphics driver directly from the graphics card manufacturer.


I will resubmit bugslats report again when I have time tomorrow. I did have my work email on one of the reports


I will try all this tomorrow


The crash is happening deep into an ATI driver software.

I expect disabling hardware acceleration would work, but that is not a great fix as it would make the viewport slower. The best fix would be if you could get an updated graphic driver for your ATI card that addressed this.


Disabling hardware acceleration did make the difference so that will work for now. I have told my the tech department if they can update the graphic drivers on the laptops so it is out of my hands and moved on to other people at the school.

I thank both of you that have gave me advise to help solve this problem.


Your tech support may need to test out older driver. There have been some issue popping up with the recent crop of ATI/AMD drivers.