2015 Sketchup Bug Splat

Getting bug splat error when starting 2015 Sketchup Pro. i sent in a error report under Eric Enochs

Sounds vaguely like a graphics card driver issue, not supporting OpenGL as SketchUp requires.

See if you can disable “Use hardware acceleration” somehow, to let your CPU do all the work instead of the GPU for processing what comes on screen. Normally you would be able to do so in SketchUp’s menu: Window > Preferences > OpenGL > disable “Use hardware acceleration”.
But you’ll need to get SketchUp strarting first. Or do it otherwise.

p.s. If SketchUp runs better without bug splat, then update the graphics card driver to better support OpenGL.

Another possibility is a misbehaving plugin.

Is this a fresh install of SU 2015? If so, did you copy plugins from a previous version? It is generally recommended that you download and reinstall fresh copies of plugins and extensions since a few typically break with each SU version upgrade. It is about equally tedious to track down the offenders as to just reinstall from new.

If this is not a fresh install, did you recently add any new extensions or plugins? If so, try removing them from your plugins folder before launching SU.

Fresh install, no plugins were added. There are plugins in the folder. Should I delete them out of the plugin folder.

If their names start with su_ they are extensions installed by SketchUp for things like advanced camera, dynamic components, sandbox, webtextures, and should not be the cause of your problem. If there are others, how did they get there? On a fresh install, the folder should be empty except for those.

But this increases the chances that Wo3Dan was right. The OpenGL support on some of the Intel HD graphics is known to cause problems.

Looks like it’s crashing in
Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows 8