Mouse issues

There was surely no offence intended. Software continues to evolve and often evolves beyond the hardware. That’s not my doing. I will however refrain from trying to offer anymore help to you, though.

Hey Dave , just to be clear , look…I’m not playing high graphics demanding games so I don’t have RTX 4090 card , The video card that I have ( and for what I use SketchUp for ) ,I find works . perhaps it’s at fault .
Having said that , we’re here to learn and all suggestions are great for those of us that don’t know , and I’m grateful to you and everybody’s input on the issues .

I had this problem on my mac and couldn’t find any solutions offered in the forums. I eventually figured out that I had to go into my system preferences and change exposé shortcuts settings for ‘show desktop’ from ‘Mouse 3’ to ‘-’

This way the mouse wheel click does not try to activate the desktop shortcut, which was causing orbit not to work.

Thanks Michel for the info , but I do not have a Mac

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