Is my.sketchup broken?


Been working with Logitech, trying to solve the scrolling problem referenced in post OpenGL version 3.0. They recommended replacing the usb receiver with a different one, after pairing all my devices I went into my.sketchup and it appear to be broken, Can’t open any of my .skp, it won’t orbit or scroll.


I just logged in and opened a file I keep in a folder of my Trimble Connect. Orbit, zoom, and such work just fine.


Just checked it and everything seemed to work fine with my logitech mouse.


Thanks guys, I was afraid of that. Even after a restart it still doesn’t work and I have the latest version of Chrome.


Does your mouse orbit alright in your desktop copy of SketchUp?


does it scroll on a normal page?



I was testing on my office computer, just checked the shop anf it works as before, so that’s good.

@DaveR yes, desktop version of SU works fine.

@john_drivenupthewall actually I found one other web site that has the same problem,
but all others work fine.