Orbit via Scroll Wheel not working

So I’m modelling away and suddenly I find that my mouse’s scroll wheel stops allowing me to orbit my model.

Any ideas why this is the case?

“Limp” mouse. Try another (cheap but) working mouse to see if scroll works.

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Hey Mike -

What OS and Browser are you using? We have not seen that behavior in our testing, but it certainly sounds like a bug.


I’m using Windows 10 with Google Chrome.

It seems to be an issue with the mouse itself as it does this outside of SketchUp intermittently…

I am partly the “cad guy” for an office of about a dozen designers. We typically lose some 2-3 mouses per year, and usually the part that gets broken is the scroll wheel or its button.


I’ve had it for about 5 days now?

If it is a fancy new mouse, you might check to see if there is an updated driver. I know the mouse I use at home didn’t have support right out of the box— I had to do an update before things worked right.

My conclusion… :wink:

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The plural form of “mouse” is MICE.

Not “mouses”.

My God.


Would be nice if my 3dconnexion device could work in my.Sketchup as well :wink:

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But then, most “kit catses” are not that great with grammar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Das wäre mir auf deutsch wohl nicht passiert. Du darfst mich aber weiter Cotty nennen.

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You weren’t the only one, Cotty.

Oops. I was the original culprit.

Suomeksi tätä ei olisi mitenkään voinut sattua…


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I live in a giant bucket.

You mean Tom was wrong when he said “I hates those mices to pieces…” Who can you trust when cartoons tell lies???

google is your friend

the top hit

“Both the online Oxford Dictionaries and Merriam-Webster entries for mouse state the plural for the small rodent is mice, while the plural for the small computer connected device is either mice or mouses. … Licklider’s “The Computer as a Communication Device” of 1968).”

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