Most basic Point source light for accurate simple shadows


Hi there,

I am trying to create a graphic work of art based on a 3D scene and I need to model some shadows from a point source light. Is there a free extension that will give me flat shadow outlines from a point source light ? (No sophisticated shading required, just a flat 1-tone shadow on surface)


You can always use a sphere to channel the sunlight to a specific point.


I don’t think that will do it…

I need a point source light (like a lightbulb) to illuminate a room with figures standing around in it, casting shadows all around the room and floor. It will be converted to a graphic then on illustrator, so the shadows do not need to be fading, just outlines cast from the correct direction. Someone must have made a simple plugin like this, or am I the first one to request this ?


There’s a long list of render plugins that will give you lights.


Can you recommend the simplest and free-est ?
Im on a macbook, sketchUp 2015


There are too many and too many opinions for me to offer mine.
Here is one of many threads that might give you somewhere to start.