Add light to models/general rendering

Still quite new to sketch up and have started to explore Rendering extensions (Rayelectron4) and found out that there are no light sources in the model other than Sun and ambient lights. A couple of questions.

What renderings extensions are popular among users.

How to insert a light source into a sketch up model.

You only have the sun in SketchUp so in the program itself you can’t add other lights.

Although not a rendering extension, I find Kerkythea to be very good and you can have multiple light sources. My preference is to use a stand alone rendering program instead of an extension so I can continue to work in SketchUp without affecting the render.

As an example, this is illuminated with three lights.

And this one with two lights

A number of Rendering Extensions had added sample renderings of the same model here:

Here is one from ShaderLIght