Using light sources

Does anybody know whether if it’s possible to add a light bulb that’s really emitting light? That would be cool to have my lampshade design with the light on!

Not in SketchUp. You can use a rendering application like Vray (there are many) to do that. In SketchUp you can sort of simulate a light with the use of a cone painted with a transparent color but it won’t be the same as what you can get with a rendering application.

Here’s an example done in Kerkythea, another rendering application.

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Not within SketchUp where the sun is the only available light source. You would need a rendering application or plugin. There are many to choose from.

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Aaron shows a technique in this video that might work well enough:

Txs. Perhaps a lightbulb that gives light in all directions is a bit too much asked from sketchup. I this video the light is somehow a "curtain " that’s drawn over the model, it’s not really a light source.