Is This the Right Tool For Interior Room Modeling?

I don’t know if this is the right tool for what I want to do. I want to model my home interior to make basic material choices for a remodel. I don’t need photo realism but I do need to control where the sun is and where interior light sources are to see what the rooms look like. Now I have a simple architecture program that models my house but that has no control over interior light sources which is what I want to add. Also, it doesn’t allow me to change the height of my point of view which I want. Can these basic things be done with the web based free version? Thanks.

No, you cannot add light sources.


Thanks. That makes is useless to me.

I’m desperately sorry, not sure what I can do about that.

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No, you have saved me from wasting more time I was using to learn SketchUp. I’m sure it’s a great tool but not for what I want that’s all. Maybe I can use it for other things in the future though. Thanks.

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Render extensions will allow extensive and in some cases live lighting to be added, but that isn’t part of the base program.

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It’s one of the openly acknowledged decisions the original designers made in SketchUp: its renderer is intentionally limited to simple shading based on a single light source. The source can be at the camera or the sun, but that’s it. I’m not an OpenGL expert, but I assume there is some performance impact involved.

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It seems the free web based version has no control over shadows.

Incorrect, you have shadows related to the sun.


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It only allows me to turn them on or off but not to set the time of day or day of the year. Perhaps it uses the computer clock but I can’t see how to change the settings.


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Ok, thanks. I got it now.

Ok, got it! Under the glasses symbol. Thanks. are there free light source extensions?

Thank you both for your help, Box and DaveR!

For others that can’t find it.

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I suspect you are really after a point and click system and that isn’t Sketchup, certainly not the web version for what you appear to want.

The web version does not support extensions.

There are no extensions available for SketchUp Free. The web versions of SketchUp don’t have any provision for extensions. You would need a desktop version for that. There are some rendering applications that have user interfaces that work within SketchUp (again desktop client versions) but they don’t add lights in SketchUp itself.

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