Can anyone tell me how the lighting works in this?

Hi, I would like to create a fly-through similar to the ones that this guy does: Small House 3.9 X 7 meters ( 27 sqm ) - YouTube (Tiny Houses by Woodnest in YouTube) However, I don’t understand how he has managed to light his model and get rid of the edges so that e.g. the soft furnishings aren’t covered in black lines. It looks like he has turned off the edges on his Style, but when I do that, everything becomes too indistinct. Has he somehow created interior lighting? How has he managed to make objects (eg the fruit bowls, bed, fridge, basin etc) look almost rendered, but the walls etc look like a sketchup model? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I’d really appreciate someone spelling it out to me! Thanks

In those views of the SketchUp model the edges are not turned off in the style. It looks like Profiles are off so there are no edges visible on the rounded objects. The still images come from some rendering application. It doesn’t really matter which one. Renderers generally don’t include black edges on objects.

Your profile indicates you are still using SketchUp 2016 Make so if you haven’t got a rendering application you’ll need to do some hunting to find one that is compatible. I presume you are doing this sort of thing as a hobby so there are a number of inexpensive or even free renderers available.

Thanks for replying Dave! Aha ok I’ll try switching the edges and profiles. I thought I had tried that and found they were essentially interchangeable (ie still black lines) but I will try again!

You are right that this is a hobby. If you can recommend a free renderer I’d be grateful.

And if you had any thought as to how that guy has created so much light internally I’d also be interested to know. With the roof on, I can’t see how he has lit every room effectively but doesn’t seem to have moved the sun around or anything.

Thank you again

The sketchup modelling environment is natively filled with light, this changes when you turn on shadows, or use sun for shading. He has done neither of those things in the sketchup portion of his walk through.
If everything went dark in sketchup if you were inside a house it would make modelling very difficult.
Create a cube and go inside it, is it dark inside.

Ok thanks! I told you I need it spelled out! :slight_smile: Now I know he hasn’t done anything special, I will keep trying to recreate what he did with the suggestions you’ve made. Thanks very much for taking the time to help me.

Kerkythea, I understand, is a free rendering application with an exported plugin that would possibly work with SketchUp 2016.

As @Anssi wrote, Kerkythea is free and there is an exporter extension called SU2KT that will work.

Thank you so much. I’ll check it out

Glass material on outside ceiling surface
Solid material on inside faces. Sun will pass through the outside glass surfaces and not change the inside surface thus illuminating the entire space. Must have a ceiling over everything.

You can also cut openings in the ceilings like recessed lighting with the sun on and set to June and set at 12 noon. Light will pass through the openings as if they are individual lights.

I’ve done this and it can work as well as a renderer. I’m thinking you might be able to reorient the sun for varying effects.