More -- License Woes - Extension Warehouse

Went to use 2DXY Site_Survey today: licensing is missing. Bought in 2018 through the warehouse, I recall it not want to move to 2019 either; apparently another issue with 2020. Developer is very responsive, this is a tool that works well for our purposes. It still works when I go back to 2019 SUPro, just not in 2020. Frankly, the time spent has already cost me more than the license fee paid. If I could have just repurchased an hour ago, I would have.

Unfortunately, I have a 2020 file I need to use this tool on. Where is my license please– page shows the E-Commerce service is in an outage again.

I have it up and running in SU2020.1 Pro (Classic). So the problem is probably due to the e-commerce outage.

Thank you for the suggestions the page shows E-Commerce up this morning. Still no license found–