Monkey bars

trying to make a monkey bar set. can someone help me

Do you have a picture of the sort of thing you’re trying to model?

Basics would be to draw center lines for the pipes with circles at the ends for the pipe diameter. Then use Follow Me to extrude the circles into pipes. Don’t bother modeling the inside walls of the pipes since they won’t show.

what do u look like. i think i know you

What makes you think that?

i used to work with a dave

can i see all your beauty??

Where? There surely can’t be more than one Dave in the world.


I used to work with a Dave too. @DaveR, are you him? Have we all worked together in the past in fact? My, what a small world!

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LOL. That was probably me. I’m everywhere. :crazy_face:

Zelig/Scarlet Pimpernel


This is @DaveR when he was working at the Stock Exchange:

And this is Dave when he was working for a well known maker of baking flour in England:


His profile picture just combines his two earlier jobs.


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