Model a coat hook


We’re putting the finishing touches on a bakers rack I built with a coat hook for my hat. I’d like to add it to the SU model I used to design the rack. Spent most of the morning attempting to draw the hook using Follow Me but have given up. I could some help from the experts.

This is the coat hook:

I’m only having trouble with the tapered hook.


I’d draw most of the hook starting with a side view and Push/Pull. If it’s thicker at the wall end, it could be tapered with cutting planes of you could use Box Taper in Fredoscale. The knob would be a simple Follow Me operation with a circle and profile. It looks like there’s a bullet-shaped hollow at the bottom of the hook. I’d draw that shape with Follow Me and subtract it from the rest of the hook. I’d use the Dave Method for most of this, too.

If you can provide good side and top views of the hook along with some dimensions, I’d give it a go.


Thanks Dave, here’s 3 pix and what I’ve started. I did use the Dave Method to make the ball on the end.

hook 2.skp (453.3 KB)


Close enough for government work?


Absolutely! Looks great. Thanks!


I have some questions about @DaveR model.

Was the main profile drawn using the 2 point arc tool or with another extension as for example bz_toolbar?

When he says he would use Dave Method for most of this, is Round Corner extension implicit?

Thanks in advance.


I drew the curves with the Classic Bezier tool from the Bezier Spline extension.

The Dave Method doesn’t imply the use of Round Corner at all. I did use Round Corner for this but not specifically due to using The Dave Method.


Thank you for the info and such a fast answer.
Is there another situation for this model in which you require Dave Method?


In this particular model? After getting the main part of the hook outlined in 2D at the correct size and extruding it to the largest thickness, I used the Dave Method to complete the hook.