Modeling with Follow-Me Tool

I’ve tried to model a shaker peg for a hat or coat rack. My approach was to lay out a rectangle of appropriate proportion then draw the outline of the peg on a flat plane. Once I was satisfied with the general profile, I drew circles at 90 degrees to the plane representing the diameters of the tenon and the base of the peg. I then attempted to use the follow-me tool by selecting half the circumference of the tenon then choosing the tool then clicking on the plane portion. This worked. I repeated the steps with the other half of the circumference perimeter. That worked. I got a round tenon of appropriate size depicted.

I then used the push-pull tool to move the diameter of the base to the ‘top’ of the tenon then selected half the circumference of that outer circle and clicked follow-me then the surface outline of the remainder of the figure on the plane. I got what you see in the file. I don’t know why there are unintended failures to ‘close’ at the tip nor why the plane and the curved portion didn’t meet.

I cannot complete the rest of the figure by choosing the other half of the base circumference perimeter, the follow-me tool and the plane representing the rest of the peg.

First, I’d like criticism and suggestions about my plan of attack, using a flat plane then trying to give dimension to the model. Good? Bad? Better? OK but with these cautions . . . . etc.

Second, why did I get the gaps in the first half section of the peg?

Third, why can’t I complete the process by doing the same things I did to get the first half?

I copied the model from a different file so as not to clutter the attachment too much. I have no idea why it appears at angles to the origin; however it is my intent to put the pegs in the model at a 10 degree upward angle as one might find pegs in a hat or coat rack.


Shaker peg.skp (236.5 KB)

Your description tells me you are overthinking it. I haven’t looked at your model.
Just draw half the profile and use a full circle as the path.
The holes are probably from working at too small a scale.


Thanks, Box!
I did pretty much what you did in your example only I tried to do half of the follow-me then the other. I think my mistake was in having the circles to follow connected to the object. As I’m still re-learning how to use SketchUp, I do tend to overthink many things.

Thanks again,