Monitor and workflow Full screen Screensize

hello i am new and have the following problem. i have mm settings for carpenters and have an external 4 k monitor connected to the mac. i bought ketchup go and am running in the web version. unfortunately in fullscreen mode i have no chance to access palettes …tools etc… or they are huge. even in non fullscreen mode i have to scroll from left to right to access the tools or anything else.
This annoys me mega. because i have put everything together to have a good workflow. so of course it’s no fun at all. first i thought it was the safari browser. but it’s the same with firefox. what am i doing wrong ? Thanx for solutions

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It’s not clear what version you are really using. Your profile says SketchUp Free (web) and 2017 Make but you wrote:

Try not running your browser in full screen mode.

jajaja…that was the autocorrection…I wanted to write Sketchup. I’am using Sketchup go in Firefox. Online Web …

jajaja… why did you put totally incorrect information in your profile? Please correct it. That information helps us help you.
Screenshot - 10_14_2022 , 9_48_40 AM


Screenshot - 10_14_2022 , 9_54_11 AM

And what happened when you stopped using the full screen mode in your browser?

yes then I can get to the tools, but I have to move the bar from left to right…because the picture is much too big !!!

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What bar?

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I have an scroll bar at the bottom of the (window).

Looks like you need to move the browser window over to the left.

While in full screen mode you can point to where the View menu should be, and the menubar appears. Try choosing View/Actual Size, and see if things are then visible.

I need to scroll from left to right to open something, but this is disturbing the workflow
and if I reduce the window, the working area does not decrease! It remains large !

it’s like a laser show …when I scroll bigger and smaller …with make 2017 I never had any problems on an iMac.