Cannot get Full Screen Display

Recently the SketchUp Community comes up in a split screen configuration. I cannot find a way to return it to full screen. I can place the cursor on the window edge and have it change to a bidirectional arrow but it will not pull to full width. I suspect this has might have been caused when I was using SU and sketchUcation and had both program windows onscreen.

I’m running Win7 and Firefox 44.0.2 if that makes any difference

This is a browser thing and not a SketchUp thing. Is that correct?

Yes, the problem was a browser issue.

I use Firefox. I set up a bookmark for the SketchUp Forum and keep it on the bookmarks bar of my screen along with other frequently used bookmarks. In the properties of bookmarks there is a checkbox to make a page displayed by a bookmark load as a sidebar. I was unaware of this feature until I managed to check the box, unintentionally, and cause the problem.

I’m posting the solution here in case anyone else runs into it and searches here for an answer.