Resize the display screen



I am very new to SketchUp Pro 2016 (since yesterday). I have a HP 15 laptop computer and use Windows 10. Every time I opened the SketchUp Pro 2016 I can’t see the bottom tool bar, so in the welcome screen, after I choose a template, I can not go to the next step. Can you please help? Thanks!



I asked a similar question a week or so ago. I found that if you go to SketchUp-preferences-workspace you can save the workspace you currently have loaded. Just resize the window as required. Every time you load SU that space will load.

I found on my mac that full screen hides the measurements box.



if you remove it from the ‘custom toolbar’ it will always show at the bottom of screen in all window modes…



This is the question I asked. I blame christmas for my memory:dizzy_face:


Im having a problem working in full screen mode within SU. Whenever I expand my 15" Macbook pro to full screen and move my cursor to work on a model, the screen snaps to the previously viewed screen. Just like a 3 finger swipe in the touchpad.

Any idea if this could be an issue within Sketchup? It doesn’t happen with anything else I use.


Thanks for that though John


I have sometimes gotten the “chrome” (i.e. menus, tool palettes, etc.) stuck on another desktop than the model viewport. It’s very distressing, as the screen suddenly jumps to the other desktop as you move the cursor. I can fix it by dragging the viewport over until it also jumps to the other desktop. But I think this is a bug in the handling of multiple desktops on Mac, probably related to the issues some people have reported when using multiple monitors. I can’t trigger this consistently; don’t know what kicks it off. And, as you say, I’ve never had it happen on anything except SketchUp.


Thank you, Scott, I will try that.


Thank you, Scooter, I will see that helps. Thanks