SketchUp interface won't stay the same size on restart

I use the same laptop with multiple dock formats and many screen setups. Every time I restart the software at a different location, the program starts in a full screen window mode, not the last settings I had on the screen. This is also changing the layout and position of my tool “tray” palettes to be much bigger when I go from a small screen setup at the office or traveling to the big screens I have at the home office.

I much prefer working at a smaller window for multiple reasons (more screen for plugins, consistent 16:9 proportions [for more reasons], faster display of complicated models, etc.). Whatever changed from 2022 to 2023, maybe it was a useful idea for someone, but it just doesn’t work or fails for me. Is there a setting or something I can turn off? Do I have to go back to 2022 to be functional?