Unable to scroll under materials


when the tool bar pops up on the left, I can see there is more options but will not allow me to scroll down to see other materials or components. I have been able to see some of the options once before. I’m working off a matchbook air. anyone have this ever happen?



That sounds like a really small laptop. :grinning:

Can you upload a screen capture of the issue?



I think I figured it out by clicking the tool bar and quickly using the scroll bar that will disappear in less than 1 sec.,MacBook lol



What browser do you use?
The Safari support has some hickups, better use Chrome or, in your case, Firefox😂



The way scrollbars work on Mac would be the same in Chrome as it is in Safari. You can set the scrollbars to always show, if you have trouble with the way they fade away when you’re not using them (this is done in the General setting of System Preferences):

As for using Chrome instead of Safari for SketchUp, I’ve seen problems with Chrome, that I have reported to the SketchUp team, I get on fine with Safari.

BTW, I was going to reply with the suggestion about the window being too small, but that isn’t it, I can go down to 1412x1284 (using Retina, that would be 706x642 for regular screen) without anything being cut off: