Scrolling In the Materials Dialog Box

when using the materials box I cannot seem to scroll to the bottom. How about editing the materials

Thank you @alwaysinlaland , I am not sure I understand your question. I was able to scroll down to the bottom of the materials list. Can you please provide more details or a video?

In what version of SketchUp? Your post is in SketchUp for Web. Your post says you are using SketchUp Pro. Which is it?

I logged a bug about this recently. I don’t see it as being fixed in 2022.0.1. For now you have to use the scroll bar

I have the problem on both platforms where I use the up and down arrow to scroll but the bar doesn’t appear. When I tried using the material again I found out that I had to put pressure on the sensory box and move my fingers up and the bar appears but it doesn’t stay